The best investment ever: Yourself


By making small changes and investing in yourself in positive ways today, you will ultimately be creating a brighter future for you and your loved ones, and someday, you’ll be very happy you did so.


The landscape of work is changing at a rapid pace and we are entering a digital world where human-machine collaboration is increasingly becoming the norm. Continuous education is essential, and a mindset of willingness to embrace innovation is required.


LinkedIn Talent Insight 2018 believes that candidates with exceptional domain expertise also require relevant soft skills to stand out and succeed as leaders. A similar report from LinkedIn states that 57% of leaders, including Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, agree that soft skills are more important than hard skills in job candidates.


A World Economic Forum (WEF) report also share the same sentiment stating that the Top 10 Skills of 2020 are all soft skills — with people and cognitive skills gaining precedence over others. To remain relevant and thrive in this setup, one needs to develop “future-proof” human skills with creativity, entrepreneurship, and curiosity.

“There’s always something new to learn and if you just have the innate curiosity, you have nothing to fear, it’s actually an exciting period to be in – you cannot predict what technology will offer tomorrow!” says learning advocate and Philippine Business School CEO Christine Filomeno.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably at a crossroads, wondering how to improve your current status and move your career along. The good news is that there are actually several ways you can do that. It’s about looking for chances to learn, grow, and be better.


Invest in yourself

Today, it’s not enough to just be good at one thing in your career. The ability to learn and re-learn is given more importance than specialization. Certain jobs are becoming obsolete, technology is rapidly rising and innovation is demanded constantly. Change has never been more fast-paced and being able to adapt by continuously learning is how you will be successful.

There are many skill investment avenues to advance your education. Take extra classes or advanced degrees either in person or online. Utilize available training and workshops, participate in conferences and webinars and have relevant certifications. Read books, articles, anything related to the talent or skill you want to work on to expand your knowledge. Keep current and stay abreast with the latest trends or advancements by subscribing to publications, reading blogs of industry experts, and following the latest news. There’s a lot of information available on nearly any subject imaginable and these are all meaningful activities that yields valuable investment over time.


Be fearless

It takes bravery to forge your own bright future – even if it means stumbling along the way. Go out of your comfort zone. There is a fountain of creativity within most of us that has never been tapped or hasn’t been used to its highest potential. Keep in mind that creativity has many faces, it’s far broader than being a painter or sculptor; it’s also about trying new things.

If you see yourself as someone who just sits shyly on a corner during meetings and presentations, why not hone your communication skills? Become a “Talkmaster” and be the top paid deal-closer in your industry.

Take the time to learn and understand the fundamentals of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accounting and pursue your passion for business to become the boss of your own dreams.

Wharton professor Adam Grant once said, “Great entrepreneurs have a different response to the fear of failure.” Yes, they’re afraid of failing, but they’re even more afraid of failing to try.


Be resilient

You need to realize that you are in the driver’s seat of your life and you are in full control. A positive outlook and the ability to bounce back over failures are necessary to achieve professional excellence. The most successful people all have their own fair share of failures, so don’t see your own missteps as reasons to give up.

Human nature is such that people tend to shy away from doing things that they consider to be difficult or challenging, even if they know they’re good for them. Make an effort to be aware of your way of thinking, and challenge yourself. It is natural to feel uncomfortable trying something new or taking on a new challenge. But the confidence and rewards you will reap from doing so are extremely worth it.


There is a direct correlation between the amount of time, money and energy you invest in self-improvement to make success inevitable. It will work for you whether you are employed or in your own business and is the best investing strategy we recommend if you want to exponentially increase your income. There is no shortcut to success, no quick fixes, no luck, no magic – it comes as a result of having a clear personalized action plan. The effort you put into consistently investing in yourself plays a large role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future.


Philippine Business School values your future by providing platforms for you to enhance both your soft skills and hard skills. While there’s no way of telling exactly what the future of work will look like, by preparing yourself now through continuous learning and putting yourself into the right mindset, you’ll be able to face changes with ease and be ready for a future filled with opportunities. Call PBS today to find the Masterclass program suited to future proof your skills and learn how you can avail a SCHOLARSHIP for your choice!


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