Global Business Leadership Calls For You! Are You Ready To Respond?


Becoming a Global Business Leader is no longer something only few professionals aspire to, and if you count yourself amongst those hoping to become a Global Business Leader, it is never too early to begin preparations for your future.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Global Shapers Community Survey participated in by more than 1,000 Millennials from 125 countries, career advancement is accounted as the top attribute most people in their 20’s and 30’s look for in an employer. This means that more than just getting a well-paying job, the learning and experiences out of their professional journey is what an individual ultimately aspires to accomplish career-wise.

What is a Global Business Leader?

In her welcome remarks during one of the classes in Business Development, Christine Filomeno – CEO of Philippine Business School, drew on her personal experience to provide some answers.

“Global business leaders have a global mindset inspiring them to take visionary initiatives that span across national boundaries, they are global entrepreneurs driven to create solutions and seize opportunities but most importantly, they are citizens inspired to contribute in the communities they touch. They are Entrepreneurs who perceive businesses as opportunities to go beyond differences in order to make a significant difference.”

“They understand the role they play in transforming not only their companies, but also the societies in which they operate. We step into global leadership when we take calculated risks to collaborate and leverage on collectivism, be cautious of Time by taking concrete actions towards a time-based goal, and master ourselves by creating and chasing opportunities rather than passively waiting for the right one to come” she added.

Global business leaders are an emerging class of professionals, adept at operating in both international and multicultural context. Initial research shows that global leaders are a unique breed with identifiable traits. They have a natural curiosity about the world and is able to cope well with people different from themselves.

Global business leaders are not readily born that way. Although there may never be a definitive answer to the nature versus nurture question, most people will agree that no amount of nurturing can make someone into a global leader if he or she does not have a fundamental desire, passion, and talent to be one. And no potential leader, however naturally gifted can be fully achieved without a tremendous amount of nurturing throughout childhood and adolescence. But the preparation does not stop at the onset of adulthood; in some ways, it is only just the beginning.

PBS believes anyone can make himself a global leader through conscious decisions in his life through these core principles:

Educating the minds

Potential global leaders must continue their formal education by expanding their theoretical and technical knowledge in higher learning, they must also begin to live the reality of being a global leader through practical experiences such as living and working in cultures and countries that are not familiar to them. If your desire to keep learning does not outpace the rapidly evolving global landscape, you might find yourself left behind. Keeping up with new learning opportunities and catching them is key to stepping ahead. And every time you learn more you have to acknowledge that there will be more to learn again the next day. It is important to find a program that focuses on hands-on experience and applied business reasoning from the very beginning of the course.

Equipping the hands

Continuous education opens up a myriad of options for global business leaders that extends far beyond the classroom, the acquired skills can be applied instantaneously to the workplace. Throughout the rigors of a program, the skills you will acquire will result in increased confidence in the workplace – not just for you but for those around you as well. The theoretical elements of the course will also make you more aware of crisis management and how to solve business problems on a grand scale by encouraging you to think critically while applying the practical skills acquired on other modules. 

Being able to strike a deal with another company will take your negotiation skills to an entirely different level. Clear communication is a key global business skill and one of the most powerful leadership skills you need to have on the global stage. A global business leader will not only have the brilliant ideas but will also have the skills to communicate these ideas exceptionally well.

Understanding balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements are essential skills a global business leader must have. While not all business leaders are accountants, taking the time to learn these skills will equip you with knowledge especially when determining the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan or analyzing a company’s operating environment. Understanding the business language helps you navigate through the various discussions relevant in doing business, a skill every global business leader possess.

Transforming the hearts

An effective global leader requires not only passion and talent, but commitment, practice and grit. In the midst of this volatile global economy, the skills that form the basis of excellent leadership have remained unchanging through the ages and are also consistent across cultural boundaries. The most successful people did not become successes overnight. They experienced hundreds of setbacks to get to where they are today. So those Filipinos who aspire to become great entrepreneurs and global business leaders should never be discouraged by the prospect of failure. Filipinos are brimming with great ideas, we just need a gentle push to overcome our fears and hesitations.
Our role as Overseas Filipino Workers is evolving, it is becoming richer and more diverse, it signifies potential, power, and a responsibility to be global leaders and citizen for the Philippines, and for our globalizing world.

Philippine Business School believes in the world class potential of each Filipino as global business leaders and is committed to developing new leaders capable of taking on leadership roles in the future. We want to know your thoughts to enable us to design our programs meeting your specific needs. We are inviting all global Filipinos to take part in our online survey at our website: Respondents will have a chance to win one (1) of 12 full scholarship grants for various courses (1 full scholar per month) or an Apple iWatch. The lucky winners will be posted in our official Facebook page and notified individually through phone call.

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