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Global Business Leadership Calls For You! Are You Ready To Respond?

Becoming a Global Business Leader is no longer something only few professionals aspire to, and if you count yourself amongst those hoping to become a Global Business Leader, it is never too early to begin preparations for your future. According to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Global Shapers Community Survey participated in by more than 1,000 Millennials from 125 countries, career […]

Investing in Stock Market: How do you Start?

Photo taken from Market Watch The stock market is not as hard as how people think it is, but just like getting in to a business or any other investment, it is also not something you enter into without sufficient preparation. Investing in stocks isn’t just for those who possess advanced financial knowledge or those […]

Changing mindsets on the 4 critical areas of welfare and prosperity: Entrepreneurship

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into launching a business. Creating a business plan and securing funding are common items on the startup to-do list. And once you are finally ready to turn your business idea into a reality, one thing you should add to that list is time to review common business laws that could affect your business. In every country […]

Your Kids: The Next-Generation Business Tycoon

“Entrepreneurship is in their DNA” says a report by the marketing firm Sparks & Honey about the new generation of teens and young adults, known as iGen or Generation Z.   A Bentley University survey on the other hand found that 66 percent of young people want to start their own business.   As the Millennials pave the way for […]