Audio Book

About the Audio Book

The audio book is very comprehensive done by the Author himself, designed to help you master the essentials of investments and Stock Market, anywhere you are and whatever you are doing. You can listen to the audio book while driving, dining in a restaurant, travelling or even before you sleep. The best thing about the audio book, you can repeat it again and again until you master it!

You will learn the important aspects of the investment and stock market and how to analyze and use the information and company’s performance to build your wealth from a solid investment and trading strategy. The knowledge you will gain is helpful if you want to execute various trading strategies and become a successful investor. After completing this audio book, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage — gaining from your expertise!

The objective of this audio book is to equip you with sufficient knowledge required to comprehend the fundamentals of a company by understanding financial ratios and also through the technical analysis by mastering the charts, technical indicators and having the ability to interpret the candlesticks.

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